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At Prestige Protection Dogs, we believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and protected. We are the leading specialists in training and supplying personal and family protection dogs on an international level. We place the clients needs at the heart of what we do and strive to provide you with a perfectly balanced, trained dog who is there to protect you and your family when required, meanwhile a well behaved and obedient dog who is part of your every day life.


It is our core value to ensure that each dog and their abilities are tailored to you and your families requirements ensuring a smooth integration to your environment, circumstance and lifestyle. Thus, maintaining a safe, happy and balanced environment for all the dogs we provide. 

We understand it can be a daunting prospect meeting a new dog for the first time, especially when you have a young family and bringing a dog in to your home who is so highly skilled and taught to protect, however we carefully select the most elite working dogs, rigorously testing each dogs suitability before it enters our prestige training programme. We follow strict guidelines and will ONLY recommend a dog which is suited to your exact needs and requirements. 


Each one of our dogs undertake consistent training around obedience and protection with their performance continually assessed by our leading dog trainers. Our dogs are trained in live scenarios for instance a home invasion, with the dog trained and subjected to this environment, the dogs are then able to cope with such a scenario so in the event of one happening to our clients, their personal protection dog will be forthcoming in their approach to protect. Like any athlete, a personal protection dogs training must be kept up to ensure peak physical and mental fitness of the dog so they can continue to protect when necessary. 

We are based in Surrey, UK and provide dogs to clients across the globe. We hold full public liability insurance for both security dog training as well as conventional dog training. All our dog's have a transition period of 3 day's to it's new owners to ensure compatibility with a continuation of training. 

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