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Here at PPDI, we hold relationships with trainers from all over the world, developing and sourcing only the best bloodlines for health and sociability. Only the top dogs enter our training program through rigorous suitability checks and assessments. 

It takes time to appropriately train and develop a stable personal protection dog which is evident through our extensive experience working with and training protection dogs. Other companies can have a tendency to tell you that your soon to be dog will be ready in 1 months time, it means they are not suitable. Their training will have been rushed and will NOT be developed/ ready to come in to a home and perform as you expect it to. On many occasions, clients have come to us after being sold a protection dog and when the situation calls for the dog to do it’s job/ protect, it hides in the corner and backs away, this is because the dog has not been developed correctly and has not learned its work through scenario based real life situations such as home invasion training, dog theft training, weapon attack, close quarter attacks and so on.This is not the case at Prestige Protection Dogs International our DOGS WILL PROTECT. 





 Dogs up to 12 months old, basic obedience and protection cost ranges from £4500 to £8000





Dogs up to 24 months old, more advanced obedience, more advanced protection work cost ranges from
£8000 to £15000






Highest level of obedience, highest level of protection on multiple threats, searching and detaining criminals that may have entered the property, trained for home invasion, attempted kidnapping. This is the highest possible level a personal protection dog can be trained to. Cost ranges from £15000 upwards





When purchasing a dog from us, your dogs training can be viewed at our licensed training facility in Kent, UK. You will also be sent training videos of your dog in action. 

When you fully trained dog has passed all training and assessments, before you take it home, a handover process will take place which involves your assistance at our training facility in learning how to manage your new dog, learning the appropriate commands and support on how to manage your dog appropriately. We will never let a dog go to its new home without this. Our priority is ensuring you as the client feel comfortable and confident with the newest member of your family. Our dogs do require a continuation of training when they have left us to ensure their skills and abilities are at their optimum. Please see below videos of some of our dogs in training in order to give you an idea of just what training looks like. 

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