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Louis is our founder works in partnership with numerous training experts and holds a passion for working dogs, their training and learning how they behave. Louis has spent most of his time growing up around German Shepherds and shares a particular love for the breed. Louis spends his time teaching his personal dogs all levels of obedience and protection and supports all aspects of the Prestige Protection Programme. 

Louis sources and supplies only the best bloodlines for health and sociability who undergo rigorous assessment in order to take part in our prestige training programme. 

Louis manages our kennels in Surrey,UK where all dogs reside during their training programme. This involves caring for our dogs, feeding and planning their training programme. All dogs reside around family members and receive the upmost love, care and guidance all dogs require. 

Louis is your first port of call when enquiring about your new dog. Louis gathers all necessary information, your requirements and needs in order to effectively supply the most appropriate dog and its training. Louis is responsible for organising each dogs individual training programme ensuring a suitable level of training, frequency of training and arranges this in accordance to ensuring each dog is only handed over to a client if they have passed our programme of assessment. 

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