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Why take your beloved dogs in to kennels when they can come and board with us and receive training from some of the best dog trainers in the UK whilst they are with us. It may not be that you are going away, it may be that your dog could benefit from a weeks worth of consistent training in order to improve and enhance its skills. 


Here at PPDI we provide residential boarding/ training whereby you leave your dog with one of our most senior dog trainers who is looked after 24/7. The added bonus of this is that your dog will receive training whilst they stay with us. The training will be tailored to your dog and its needs to ensure your dog continues to remain at its optimal level of training. The frequency of training will again depend of your requirements. Your dog will board at our site in Kent, UK with heated kennels with close circuit CCTV. Michael our head trainer will be on hand 24/7 in order to ensure your dog is receiving the highest level of care, love, attention and training whilst you are away. 

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